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Creating A Feature Wall

Feature walls can add a little bit of life, colour and vibrancy to any room, but especially larger rooms such as living and dining areas, and the master bedroom. As a general rule, the feature wall is the wall nearest to the main ‘feature’ of the room, such as the fireplace or bed, but if you wanted to you could pick any wall that you want, or even have two, if you think it could look good. Here are some ideas for original feature walls that will look brilliant in your home.

Wall art

If you don’t want to do any decorating, you can create an easy and effective feature wall using wall art. Large, framed pictures, photo collages, or canvases are effective ways of creating a feature walls without doing any DIY. You might also consider stick on wall decals, which are easy to apply and remove as well as being available in a wide range of colours and designs, with many companies providing the option of designing your own wall decals. Wall sticker decals are an excellent idea for those who wish to create a feature wall but can’t, for example private rent tenants.


There’s a wide range of boys wall stickers available in most hardware and DIY stores. However, if you’re thinking of hanging a more unique and individual wallpaper as your feature wall, you might want to consider designing a custom wallpaper. This will usually cost more than buying a standard wallpaper, but it allows you to create your own, original design that you’ll never find anywhere else. If you’re artistic and into painting, you could even create your own custom wallpaper by buying rolls of plain wallpaper and using coloured emulsion paints to create your very own, hand painted design.

Contrasting colours

In certain rooms of the house, such as smaller bedrooms, you might feel that a feature wall is needed, but a patterned wallpaper or large wall art is simply too much for the size of the room. In this situation, a contrasting paint colour on the chosen wall will produce a good result. The best way to achieve good feature wall results in a smaller room is to keep the remaining three walls a neutral colour such as cream or magnolia, so that you don’t have to choose a drastic colour to paint your feature wall, as this could end up becoming too much for the room as well. Lighter colours tend to work better in smaller rooms, and you could add the illusion of more space to your small room by hanging a mirror on the feature wall.