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Benefits Of Sleep For You And Your Child

One would say that besides eating, sleeping is next most important thing that a human being has to do to stay alive. This just proves how important and essential sleep really is. But sometimes you may not be able to sleep. Maybe you developed insomnia recently and lie awake all night staring at the ceiling and get to work every day feeling absolutely exhausted. Maybe you are a busy mom with younger kids who are always waking you and your partner up, almost every night, claiming they saw a monster in their room or that they had a nightmare and that they need you to stay awake with them. Or maybe you recently had your first baby and your new born keeps waking up every single hour crying and will not stay asleep. All of these can take a toll on you and make you look and feel exhausted all day. So what can you do? Read below to see the several benefits of sleep and what you can do if your child is having trouble sleeping.

It helps with development

You may be aware that babies are still not fully developed when they are born and continue to develop for a few months afterwards as well. This is why they sleep for more than half the day and if you have do not have children, you may hear this and wonder what everyone complains about when they say that their kids do not sleep. But the fact is that they do sleep for more than half the day, but sadly do not sleep at a stretch and keep waking up every hour to half an hour. But sometimes this waking up can be due to some sort of discomfort that you may not be aware of so you can consider baby sleep therapy Sydney to help your baby with their sleep.

It can improve your attention span

We have all noticed that after a good night’s sleep, our mood is significantly better, but did you know that it can also help you and your toddler increase your attention spans? You may have seen that several toddlers are extremely hyperactive and impulsive and continuously trouble their parents and do everything that they are told not to do. And when they are scolded, they do not even care. Although hyper activity has been linked to different health problems and the consumption of different food such as food high in sugar, it is very commonly caused by a lack of sleep as well. A toddler needs at least 10 full hours of sleep every night and you must surely think about toddler sleep therapy if your little one is having trouble falling asleep every night. These therapists are highly knowledgeable and will know exactly what needs to be done to help them have a good night’s rest.So do not be afraid of trying out different therapies for your children because if it can help them, then it is worth it. Check this website to find out more details.